What is Executive Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most powerful interactions for making important positive changes in life.  Successful coaching occurs when a Coach is asking open, explorative questions and listening deeply to the answers in order to take the Client forward from where they are to where they intend to be.

The coaching relationship is a designed alliance in which both the Coach and the Client are active collaborators and equals in the single pursuit of meeting the Client’s intended outcomes.

In the confidential environment of a Client-Coach relationship, it consists of 4 main elements:

  • The Client – a professional willing to produce positive change and eliminate limiting beliefs. One who wants to set themselves free of self-limiting belief prison, break shackles that contend with great performance and learn to facilitate long-term growth within their own control.
  • The Coach – a qualified and trained professional dedicated to defining and achieving the client’s goals. The Coach is entirely focused on the Client and holds the Client accountable for his/her actions towards the SMART goals that have been set.  The Coach is insatiably curious about what the client is and what the client wants to be, and is devoted to driving towards that result.
  • The Relationship – the space between the two individuals that have come together to achieve The Agenda. Absolute in holding a mirror in a safe and non-threatening environment to expedite growth.  Power is granted to the Coaching relationship.
  • The Agenda– entirely focused on the client’s growth and results. A personal GPS system for the client to be guided by.

Coaches are not in the business of “fixing” the Client.  A strong Coach walks beside the Client and empowers the Client as they are directed to their own answers.  Patience and courage are needed – the Coach is the expert in the practice – the Client is the expert in their life.  When clients find their own answers, they become more satisfied and self-sufficient towards their long-term success.

Foundations of Excellent Coaching

Successful Coaching is based upon Beliefs that we must master, and that if these Beliefs are acted out as if they are true, allow us to get better results:

  1. Everyone has a unique view of the world – the only guarantee is that everyone sees the world in a different way.
  2. People are not their behavior. We must accept the person and work to change the behavior.
  3. All behavior has a positive intention – we need to find other ways to achieve their intention.
  4. Everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources available – if people had better resources, they would behave differently.
  5. Everyone has the right resources to succeed and achieve their desired outcomes. They are just not aware of it and can’t tap the resources.
  6. There is no failure, only feedback. If it isn’t the results we want, keep amending the behavior.  The results will change.
  7. Everyone is a master of their mind, and therefore our results. Coaching develops self-awareness, making the mind a servant – not a master.



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