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Law of Explosive Growth: John Maxwell’s Law #20

This is what I call the Law of Multiplication.  To add growth, people lead followers.  However, to multiply growth, leaders must lead and develop other leaders.  Unfortunately, a vast majority of leaders never do this.  If this remains true in your firm, at best you can add, but you can never multiply.

Leaders who develop other leaders experience an incredible multiplication effect in their organizations that can be achieved in no other way.  We call this “Leaders Math”.  It’s simply the difference between addition and multiplication, and it prescribes the following three alternatives which significantly affects the growth possibilities for your firm:

  • If you develop yourself, you can experience personal success
  • If you develop a team, your organization can experience growth
  • If you develop leaders, your organization can achieve explosive growth

Leaders who attract followers but never develop leaders get tired because they must deal directly with more issues in the organization that they should.  In organizational speak, a lone leader will create a very “flat” org chart, where the leader must deal with every level of the organization directly.  However, if a leader creates leaders within the organization that are given the skills to deal with this opportunities, it will allow each leader to deal with opportunities appropriate for their respective level.  They are spending time maximizing the firm’s value.

There are many challenges to leadership development in order to achieve this exponential growth.  The most important key is that you must become a better leader yourself.  This in turn will then allow you to develop

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