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Three (3) Things a True Leader Expects of Him/Herself

Leadership comes with a price tag, and that price tag is a high expectation of the leader by those being led. People follow someone who offers them vision, direction and are dealers in hope. If this purpose is defeated, the essence of leadership is eroded. It then becomes nearly impossible to garner support and followership again once leadership falters on these pillars.  Leaders are saddled with achieving high standards and great potentials; one that the followers do not have the capability to achieve on their own. Leaders are also required to lead their respective firms to higher levels notwithstanding what current level it is in.  In achieving these levels of aspirations and expectations on the part of the followers, there are three things that true leaders must demand of themselves, which when earned gives them the “right” to be called a true leader:

  1. True Leaders Value People

A cardinal rule to this effect states “We are people of value who value people.” True leaders are essentially individuals that are safe for others to go to at any point in time.

  1. True Leaders Live Intentionally

True leaders live the message they represent.  True leaders live with purpose – they are individuals that are tenacious with progressing toward their goals. Their fire rarely dims – they constantly burn for the purpose and ideas they carry.  Consistency is not a sexy word, but consistency compounds to great levels.

  1. True Leaders Exceed Expectations

The word “average” is not found in the lexicon of true leaders. This is because they represent something higher and better than the word.  True Leaders are not permitted to give average efforts in all of their endeavors. The fine line between managers and leaders is that while managers meet expectations, leaders exceed expectations.

True leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but their expectations of themselves are often very consistent.  True leaders are agents of change and are known for exceeding common goals. They strive to leave the course of everything they touch better than they found them.

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