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Five (5) Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making Big Decisions

In the circle of leadership; every day comes the necessity to make numerous decisions on behalf of your organization and the people who follow you. Some decisions that are “no-brainers.” What is required is mere business acumen and intuition to guide one in the process of decision making. But that is not the total scenario; there are also times that leaders are faced with large decisions. Decisions so important that the elements and possible consequences of it alone are so complicated your brain gets muddled, and this might lead to confusion or make one undecided as to which path to follow. The good news is that coaching makes the process easy. For everyone who desires a change from uncertainty when it comes to decision making to getting confident enough to know what to do, these questions are for you.

Here are five key questions to ask yourself when making big decisions:

  1. Ask yourself “Where exactly am I right now?” or “Where does the team stand right now?” Take a first awareness picture.  This self-evaluation check should be aligned with three major strengths that you possess:
    1. Emotion – What do I feel?
    2. Mind – What do I think?
    3. Experience – What do I know?
  1. Ask yourself “Is the timing right?” or “Am I passionate about this and the result of my decision?” or “Can our company handle this situation right now?” Don’t do a hard job without passion.
  2. Ask yourself “What are the options detailed, then weigh each option thoroughly.
  3. Ask yourself “Am I honestly qualified for this?” or “Does the team have the capabilities to be successful at this?” To do a job well – Desire (what I want), Gifts (who I am), Game Plan (clarity), Responsibility (I own it – it’s mine) – must all be present to achieve success.
  4. Ask yourself “Does this align with my calling/mission/vision/purpose?” Your decision must align with your values and the team’s mission.

When it is time to make a major decision as a leader, you should not be caught under trepidation or beneath timidity. Instead, you should go ahead and answer these questions critically. The sincerity of your answer is necessary to make you get great results and take the fear out of you.  You will then be able to confidently know exactly what it is your heart wants you to know.


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